Sugarbag Dreaming 'Riverbed'

Sugarbag Dreaming 'Riverbed'


Sugarbag Dreaming by Rosie Ngwarraye Ross is from our Ampilatwatja Collection. Sugarbag is a name used for both the honey made by the native bees and also for the sweet nectar that comes from the big yellow flowers of the ‘tarrkarr’ trees. Rosie Ngwarraye Ross and her family often gather Sugarbag out in the sandy country around Ampilatwatja [pronounced Um-bludder-watch]. 

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Repeat height: 63.48cm / 24.99"
Repeat width: 76.93cm / 30.38"

Minimum order: 2 metres
Lead time: 2-3 weeks 

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This design can be printed on other base cloths upon request.

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