Mud Ripples 'Bush Onion'

Mud Ripples 'Bush Onion'


Mud Ripples by Elizabeth Kandabuma depicts the patterns of freshwater mud ripples which emerge after monsoonal wet seasons on the Arnhem Land flood plains. These ripples form on the earth’s surface in delicate, repetitive and shifting patterns, and move, crack, disappear and re-emerge in response to the changing wind, rains and new sun.

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Repeat height: 42.09cm / 16.57”
Repeat width: 99.69cm / 27.16”

Minimum order: 2 metres
Lead time: 2-3 weeks 

Available on (please click on each fabric name for specifications):

  • VELVET - 100% polyester, 320gsm, commercial / residential upholstery

  • BELGIAN LINEN / COTTON - 51% Belgian linen / 49% cotton, 390gsm, light residential upholstery, soft furnishings

This design can be printed on other base cloths upon request.

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