Native Seeds 'Midnight'

Native Seeds 'Midnight'


Native Seeds by Jean Ngwarraye Long is from our Ampilatwatja collection and represents the process of harvesting edible seeds from trees in the Ampilatwatja region. The seeds are ground with a mortar and grinding stone, and water added to create a dough, similar to damper, which is then cooked on hot coals.

Repeat height: 49.18cm / 19.36”
Repeat width: 56.16cm / 22.11”

Minimum order: 2 metres
Lead time: 2-3 weeks 

Available on (please click on each fabric name for specifications):

  • INDOOR WEAVE - 100% polyester, 315gsm, commercial / residential upholstery

  • VELVET - 100% polyester, 320gsm, commercial / residential upholstery

  • HOSPITALITY AND HEALTHCARE - 100% polyester with Zircon backing, commercial upholstery

This design can be printed on other base cloths upon request.

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