Jilamara (Stone)

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Willie Weston_Jilamara_Stone_mini.jpg

Jilamara (Stone)



Repeat height: 75.25cm / 29.62"
Repeat width: 145cm / 57"*

Minimum order: 2 metres

Lead time: 2-3 weeks 

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Fabric Type:

Jilamara by Jean Baptiste Apuatimi is from our Tiwi Collection. Jilamara is a Tiwi word that refers to the ochre patterning traditionally painted on the bodies of dancers and on carved poles during Pukumani ceremonies. Jilamara is unique to the art and culture of Tiwi Islanders. 

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Artists and their communities are paid for each metre of fabric produced, ensuring ongoing revenue streams outside their main art practice.

All fabrics are designed and digitally printed to order in Australia and are exclusive to Willie Weston.

Please note:

*Repeat may be cropped slightly depending on the fabric width.

We require a minimum of 2 metres per order, per fabric type.

Our commercial grade fabrics and wallpapers are printed to the nearest repeat height.

Appearance varies slightly depending on the base cloth used. Our Natural Linen in particular prints in more subdued tones.

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